1. Slumpfunk

From the recording Target Practice

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Lyrics and Production by Spread
Bass and Background Vocals by Jeremy Radway
Drums and Background Vocals by Devon Ashley



Say man,
I was back in The Bay man
Now I'm up in the Chi man
Got my eyes set on islands
I'm up in here vibin'
Funkin' and thrivin'
Freakin' and geekin'
What I seek when I'm peaking
I'm peepin’ the beacon
Can't sleep in the deep in
Get free for the weekend
Then work on the weekdays
Leave beef in the meat case
Stay free but don't free base
I'm showing my age with this briefcase
Still sign up for sweepstakes
That sweet taste
of victory hittin' me differently get with me
Keep pace
I erase
the drive of these trainwrecking DJs
They stink with the sync, got no deep crates
They deep fakes, they leak waste, they sleep aids
Wake up, wake up, wake up
with them weak breaks
I beat bass
I'm a treble maker
My tenor be tender
I'm a pebble shaker and a boulder mover
using old maneuvers on the bold intruders with their bull manure
I'm seeking it, tweaking it, peaking it, reaping it, sowing it, owning it, growing it,
blowing it up, when my cup runneth over
You know the routine, it be going to team
We gleam and we shine all the time
You do yours, I'll do mine
We're a force when our minds are connected, collected, corrected, projected, directed, infected, protected
Respect it

I'm down now but you gotta believe I'm coming up to pump the funk in your face
You on now but you got it from me, no flavor though, you're just a miniature taste
These clowns hound like they caught up with me, but they're the only ones that's running a race
Renowned sounds that they borrow from me, they just expose me to a new fanbase

Put me in a box and I'm toxic
Give me the bag, that's my remedy
Mad that I'm living the life that you wish that you had
not knowing how long I've been dragged
by the machine, got these scrapes a bruises to prove it
You just hear the music
I'm standing in sewage
My sump pump? Beats that go bump bump
I've taken my lumps, now I do cameos, Funk Funk
is what I be bringing
you pinging my IP
but you can't find this on IG
or TikTok , your Time's Up
like OC
you don't know me
stop calling me OG
and old head, that's a code red
you don't know Spread
I don't load lead, I coat bread
I make it and bake it
Don't fake it, that's sacred
Making the most of these boats that be sinking
Not drowning, I'm drinkin'
The sound of a Lincoln
smooth and luxurious
I'm human and curious
I'm groovin',
impervious to the roadblocks
got my load locked
they Furious
they should slap me Five and get The Message
I don't know what they're hurry is
Can't skim this or whim this
so get you a Guiness and witness the business
and be like "what is this?!?"

Gather 'round now and follow the beat, we're gonna take you to a magical place
They hold me down, but I gotta be free, can't keep me in a little box or a case
Gravity, not a problem with me, 'cuz I know how to mix the treble and bass
They got a taste for the quality beats and rhymes, it's time we take 'em to outer space