The Philosophy started out as 3 Indianapolis friends in a large funk mob named Undefeatable Beats.  They rapped, sang, danced, played drums and wrote many of the band’s hooks and lyrics.  The band was a rotating door of around 15 Naptown pioneers, players, performers and band leaders, such as Sarah Grain, Kate Lamont, Blaze Zekalo, Bobby Burnham, Joshua Strodtman, Jeremy Radway, Joseph Lehner and too many more to name.  During that time, Ike “Bambu” Boyd, Tony Jamm and Spread started making beats and writing their own brand of rhymes that didn’t really fit in the existing mold of Undefeatable Beats, so they started recording their debut album, In The Trenches, in bass player/engineer extraordinaire, Jason Ellis’ Bloomington basement/bedroom/studio.

The 3 emcees went on to perform in Indianapolis with their band (Devon “Dam Rite” Ashley on drums, Sean “Eastside Larry” McGary on guitar, Jay “Lavender Sprinkles” Jones on keyboards and rotating bass players such as Poncho Hendrick and Garreth Somers…they also had a brief stint with the Psycho-Jazz-Funk-Rock trio of ESW).  The Philosophy played a large part in holding the torch that was passed to them and shaping the burgeoning Indy hip hop scene, spearheading the 1st ever Indianapolis Hip Hop Festival in 2007 and playing shows all over Indiana with their band or with their DJ, JRhyme.  They played clubs, festivals, schools, community events and collaborated on tracks and shows with many Naptown legends and taste-makers.


The Philosophy put out their 2nd record, Return of the Bambulas, in 2009.  Even though the 3 emcees live in different cities and states now, they always get together and get creative in Naptown, and a new album is definitely a possibility.  One day, it’s gonna just drop in your face and you’re gonna think it’s right on time.

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