Prepare yourselves for The Monstarrrs.  Stakzilla and Ace One are combining efforts with Big Oil to produce what is sure to be a force of nature.  Big Oil boasts complete beat production on two epic releases in the past six months!! (RICH MOCHA 2 & WINTER’S OUT) Ace One and Stakzilla are both powerhouse Emcees with huge presence.  Words and delivery that will make you pay attention and take head to the messages they want to deliver.
Already deep into the writing process and loaded with new bangers, the Monstarrrs are preparing an onslaught of dopeness. Expecting to release a full length EP by June 1st, the Monstarrrs will be performing constantly in the MIDWEST and hope to conquer a European TOUR within the next year!!  They have promised to step up every aspect of their craft to deliver.  With guest vocalists on hooks and turntablism reminiscent of the future, the songwriting and composition has only been enhanced.  Expect to move…expect to laugh and to cry!!

Anxiously waiting,

In the mean time……….


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