Stakzilla Pushin Down the Ground in 2014

Stakzilla is staying busy this year!!!  Writing, recording and releasing Rich Mocha 2 has been the focus of the early part of the year.  This project will surely be a summertime banger!!  The overall sound of the album is classic BBQ music.  It features the lyrics of Zilla on Big Oil production with appearances by The Mosley Brothers, Pearl Scott, Virginia Iozzo, Ichimaru, Ace One, Mike Shogun and Spread.   We plan on having this available for the public on October 15th.

Soon after that the work on the STAKZILLA AND ACEZOOKY ARE THE MONSTARRRS LP begins.  Ace One of CutCamp, StrongRoots and Just Due teams up with Stak to create a cd that scares the shit out of fake MCs and keeps the attention of the general public.  This project will also be entirely produced by Big Oil!!  Both MCs list Scarface as a main influence…….both also have a rare love for Metal………Truth……….Brutality and Booom!!

Fresh Fest is another of Stak’s activities that must be covered.  In the small college town of Bloomington, In, a hip hop and rap scene is developing.  On the 1st Tuesday of every month STAK hosts a free concert for the fans of hip hop that are left out of the larger community’s interests.  This underground scene is beginning to thrive and creating a bond amongst local artists that has fostered future collaborations and a support network for themselves.  Heads know this as a place to collect.  This literally happens underground at The Root Cellar Lounge.  We have pulled in artists from across the midwest to perform with us here at Fresh Fest, and Bloomington has created a receptive audience for real talent.  The first concert STAK ever attended was the original Fresh Fest tour in the 80s.  Rap was an open field back then without the tunnel vision it seems to have today.  We want to bring it back instead of asking where it went.  By “it” I mean a time when everyone had room to express themselves as long as they could “bring it.”  If you can drop some dope lines with a well rehearsed show then we’ll put you on!!
All of this will be amidst a rugged live performance schedule.  You will be able to catch him in Bloomington and Indianapolis quite regularly with appearances across the midwest with DJ Spikes!  During the months of July and early August he will be touring the west coast with Slick Shooze (Stakzilla, Spread, and Damrite.)  Watch out for the music produced during that time!
This has been a very inspired year thus far and I am appreciative for that.  I have been supported by friends and family to do what I love and without that I could not do it.  Many musicians, artists, dancers, photographers and editors have put in work on my goals.  It is not possible to thank you enough.  

Shouts out 2 everybody on the JustDue Team, CutCamp, Strong Roots, O.M.E., BTB and many more.  See ya Soon!


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