A natural entertainer and student of old school hip-hop and boom bap, Stak brings pure charisma, positivity, and experience to the stage. Born and raised in East Chicago, IN, Stak nurtured an intense love of music; including jazz and soul that is clearly heard as he winds verses about family, friends, and life itself.

Inspired heavily by De La Soul, Prince Paul, Parliament and many others, Stak is a chameleon in his verses.  He changes up speed and intensity as the beat sees fit. His new release, Rich Mocha 2, sees the return of constant collaborator and skilled producer Big Oil.  He flavors his beats with elements of Wu Tang, Pete Rock and his own secret ingredients.  They are thrown in the musical hot pot (Roland MV 8800), producing an addictive and delicious experience for the ears.

Rich Mocha 2 is the official follow up to the first tape made almost a decade ago.  Although the two have grown emotionally and in experience from the first album, their method stays the same. “Giacomo (Big Oil) and I meet every Wednesday and just hang out, listen to weird-ass records, he make beats,” says Stak.  The beginning cut “Frequency,” serves as the positive foundation for the whole album.  Stak exclaims, “Against all odds Im’a somehow make it / two feet on the ground / I’m above the hatred / love is sacred / and I love to taste it.”  The album takes many twists and turns from then on.  All of the unexpected delights paint a complete picture of a good man trying to be better.

The experienced MC currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Every Sunday he brings his community ethos full center inviting all his friends new and old to come to his house on the near west side and grill out.  Join him next time you’re in town because he probably already has some ribs going on the grill waiting for you.

I have recorded and performed with many different people along the way.  Many thanks to all of those who have put energy into the music we produce.  Shouts out to Spread, Slickshooze, Tree City All Stars, Jet One, Ulser,Storm One, Dj Wally Wonder, Dj Spikes, Dj Eade, Ace One, Clockwork, Bean Ichimaru, Everybody in Spreaducation, Mike A of Racebannon, Jason Ellis, Bj Cord, Grant Myers, Lil Ant the Trapman and to all the fans who have supported us throughout.





2015 – Certified

2014 – RICH MOCHA 2 Vocals

2013 – Dig This – Producer

2011 – The Ooze – Slick Shooze – Producer, Vocals

2009 – Spank Babies – Stakzilla – Producer, Vocals

2008 – The Shire – Tree City All Stars – Producer, Vocals

2005 – Rich Mocha -Stak -Vocals

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