Welcome to Spread’s new project “Like Butter.” Spread is like butter because he gets into all the nooks and crannies of hip hop and showcases his versatility on this, his first official solo album. He produces some of the tracks himself but also features a few other producers, including 88-Keys from Harlem, and other producers from the Just Due Space Camp, Stakzilla, Dam Rite and Hunt Sounds. Spread’s vocals take you on a journey through a variety of moods, worlds, galaxies and beyond, with a crescendo of special guest MCs from the Just Due collective on “Snatch That”, which is the lone posse track and it might just make your head fall off your neck. Spread is all about spreading good music and cutting out the bullshit. Come enjoy the fun which comes from hard work, dedication, education, meditation and positive elevation. Show some love, show something.

Intro, Lawd Have Mercy, Snatch That, and Leakage – Produced by Spread
El Presidente – Produced by 88-Keys
Soul Music and Assthetic – Produced by Hunt Sounds
Playground – Produced by Stakzilla
Trippin’ – Produced by Dam Rite
Andrew Levin – Guitar on Leakage

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