Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, SPREAD now resides in Oakland, California.  He is a producer, DJ, MC, and multi-instrumentalist. Using whatever hardware or software available, this well-rounded producer crafts deep, warm and organic tracks, blending live and sampled elements as one.  His experience as an engineer helps him approach performing music as a listener, whether composing a song, making a beat or doing vocals.  A hip hop veteran on the mic, lyrically sharp and mystical party rhymes are his specialty.  Half of the dynamic duo, SLICK SHOOZE, and part of the legendary Naptown Trio, THE PHILOSOPHY, SPREAD is also known to DJ some of the finest venues in the Bay Area with his own unique style of mixing, blending and scratching. A life-long musician and music lover, SPREAD has had the chance to collaborate with some of the best artists throughout the world.

Spread would like to thank all of the musicians who have molded and shaped his sound and love for the art.  He would also like to thank Stak, Dev, Sho, Ace, Giacomo, Spikes, TJ and the rest of the Just Due crew for keeping the fire burning and perpetuating the dopeness.  Music is life and we are blessed to Just Due records to get our Just Due so we can serve our purpose and Just Due records.


2015 – Like Butter Spread – Producer, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Scratches

2011 – The Ooze – Slick Shooze – Producer, Lyrics, Scratches, Drums, Keyboards

2011 – 52 Beat Pickup: Deuces – Spread – Producer

2010 – Return of The Bambulas  – The Philosophy – Producer, Vocals

2006 – In The Trenches – The Philosophy – Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Scratches, Instruments

Twitter: @Spready4DaWorld

Facebook: Spread Fox