Player Piano aka Jeremy Radway is an extremely talented musician, song-writer, producer and engineer.  He plays bass, guitar, drums, piano, saxaphone and sings like a champ.  Jeremy grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently resides in London, England.  He works as an audio engineer and also plays with his band Player Piano.  Be on the lookout for the new LP from Player Piano coming very soon!

Jeremy has a soulful and rich sound to all his music, which these days borders on rock/funk/soul/pop.  Like many other artists involved with Just Due Records, he is hard to pigeon hole or put into a box, which makes his music all that much better.  Jeremy has always had a knack for writing and playing songs that appeal to anyone with ears.  From the early days of Prototype, which he wrote, produced, arranged, played all the instruments and engineered the whole thing in less than a week, to the salad days of Secret Girl, to his current work with Player Piano, his sound is constantly evolving while keeping the same soul, no matter the genre.  If you don’t know any of his music yet, you definitely should.


1999 – QuatroJohnny Socko Rock N Roll Rampage Records – bass, vocals

2003 – That’s All There Is…Secret Girl – Producer,Songwriter,Multi-Intrumentalist,Vocals

2003 – We Like It Wild  – The Impossible Shapes – Assistant Engineer

2006 – Like/UnlikeCandythief – Engineer, Producer, Mixing)

2006 – One Small Leap (short film) – Magma Pictures – Engineer, Producer, Vocals

2008 – Live @ The Old Blue Last, LondonThe Gallows – Location Recording, Mixing

2008 – Live @ The Old Blue Last, LondonFucked Up – Location Recording, Mixing

2008 – Backwards Invention split 7″ – Player Piano – Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocals

2009 – Into The Dark Player PianoFence Records – writer, producer, vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums

2010 – Live @ Heaven, LondonThe Drums – Location Recording

2010 – Return of The BambulasThe Philosophy – Mastering Engineer

2011 – Live @ The Scala, LondonLana Del Rey – Location Recording, Mixing

2011 – Debut EP – Citizen Helene – Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Bass

2011 – The OozeSlick Shooze – Mixing, Mastering, Electric Guitar

2012 – CarpathiansMonooka’s Caravan – Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

2012 – Bowling With The Bloodied Head Of Barbara StreisandSunlight Service GroupCardinal Fuzz – engineer

2012 – The Distaff MuseRebecca Jade – Mastering, Piano, Saxaphone, Organ

2013 – Sweet DregsMarmaduke Dando – String Arrangement, Horn Arrangement, Saxophones


2014 – Radio LovePlayer Piano – Engineer, Producer, Mastering, Songwriter, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocals



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