Monk McNizzle – “Eat Like A Player” Official Video IS HERE

Whether you live on the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast or South, you know it’s hard to eat well with just a little dough.  A lot of us get tempted into that cheap fast food life and it’s a cycle that’s hard to break.  But luckily, my homie, a man of the people, Monk McNizzle, is here to show you how to eat like a player.  The official video, comprised of clips from 9 different live performances of the song at various fast food joints around the country (which can be found here:, is finally here and ready for organic consumption.  Enjoy:

You can find Monk McNizzle’s self-titled album here: and find out more about him on his website

The brother is talented, so I’m just gonna throw another video up here for your enjoyment:

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