KNOWLEDGE IS POWER by Black Eddie is a Testament to the Roots of Hip Hop

Today’s mainstream is saturated with rappers who don’t actually have skills, but the underground is alive and strong.  It’s a place where true emcees recognize garbage.  In short, you gotta come correct.  You have to earn the respect of your peers and audience.  Black Eddie, Bodega Bleu and Jaecyn Bayne have no problem doing that on this Polaris production.  The beat sounds classic 90’s West Coast hip hop, reminiscent of Souls of Mischief .  I had to listen to this track on repeat a few times to digest the lyrics properly.  Each emcee handled this beat in their own way and it sounds great!  This is perfect headphone or cruising music.

I got the chance to ask Black Eddie a couple of questions about music and life.

STAKZILLA:  In short, what does the term “Knowledge is Power” mean to you and why were you moved to write this song?

BLACK EDDIE:  Knowledge Is Power means exactly that…there’s no action without thought coming from knowledge…without knowledge is like without thought…no process…I wrote the song to drop knowledge…to create power…within myself.

STAKZILLA:  What kind of beats do you really gravitate towards and who produced this?

BLACK EDDIE:  My man DJ Polaris produced it…he’s outta Fort Wayne…dope dude and a beast on the beats…I normally gravitate to boom kick beats…dope bass lines, horns, samples…Premier, Pete Rock, Large Pro type stuff.

STAKZILLA:  You talk about the The Sevens frequently.  What are “The Sevens?”

BLACK EDDIE:  The “Sevens” are the Gods…Battle Of The Gods…continuous improvement…a sparring match…iron sharpens iron…a look at religion today and what it’s done…my brother and I have the same tattoo on each others calf of the number 7.

STAKZILLA:  What does discipline mean in your life?

BLACK EDDIE:  Discipline keeps you focused on the task at hand for the greater goal…it keeps your mind in the present for thoughts of the future.

STAKZILLA:  What is the main driving force behind your music?

BLACK EDDIE:  The music before me…the golden era boom bap…91’ to 95’

STAKZILLA:  Since having a daughter, how has your view towards women changed, or has it at all?

BLACK EDDIE:  I’m not sure if it changed it but more so just reinforced my view of women. Made it stronger. Not only in women but in all mankind.

STAKZILLA:  What do you feel an emcee’s job is?

BLACK EDDIE:  As an emcee I have to be responsible for what I create. Good, bad or indifferent. Whatever the repercussion. Whether it’s the most intelligent of raps or the dumbest of lyrics my job is to be conscious. Take ownership.

STAKZILLA:  What do you like about the underground IN scene right now and what would you want to see change?

BLACK EDDIE:  The underground is alive in pumping. At least in my eye. True, you might have to put a little effort into searching for it. But it is out there.  I would like to see less ego and more collaboration. Like my man DJ Polaris said, “eventually, the only people doing hip hop will be doing it for free”. Not literally but there won’t be money like it used to. And he’s right. Nowadays you see more co-op labels, partnerships, etc. Everyone can eat.

STAKZILLA:  Any opinions on guns?

BLACK EDDIE:  I don’t really mess with guns. Too much power to be used unconsciously but good to know how to use one.

STAKZILLA:  Favorite rapper? first kiss? favorite producer? first fight and why? (family not included) favorite cereal? first time performing


Favorite rapper = of all time?…KRS ONE more recent…probably somebody like Sean P

First kiss = can’t remember

Favorite producer = Pete Rock First fight & why = some kid in college…because I was from Indiana and he thought he could test me…need less to say…#NorfolkStateUniversity

Favorite cereal = Oat meal or cream of wheat

First time performing = poetry spots back in college…#NorfolkStateUniversity

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