Just Due Records Mixtape Vol. 1 is HERE!!! (Mixed by DJ Spread)

Dear World,

My name is Spread, a two-headed beast who wears many hats.

In my adventures as a DJ for the past 20 years, I have learned that one can always find some type of current music to play and ENJOY without losing a part of their soul. Many DJs, myself included, get lazy and get stuck to certain time periods of music and have a hard time relating to what the average crowd wants to hear in 2016.

For me, the truth is, I spend most of my “listening time” bumping my own projects, new ideas, stuff other cats in the crew are working on, etc. and a handful of classic artists I’ve listened to for my whole life. But that does not mean my ears are not open. I’ve probably been bumping more “new” music than I have in over a decade…and even catching up on stuff I missed a decade ago. I listen to more local artists now than ever and hope to start putting more music from my home in The Bay in my mixes…

…But as for now, I have recently concocted 5 mixes from the deep core of Just Due Records past, present and future catalog. It’s pretty random as to which songs made the cut and appeared on which mix. The first mix, featured here, consists of released tracks, unreleased instrumentals, vocal tracks, interludes and remixes. It features music by Lord Netty, Stak, DAM!, The Philosophy, Big Oil, Shogun, ACE ONE, Spread and more, so you know it SLAPS!


01. Youngsters – Big Oil
02. That’s The Way I Like It – Slick Shooze
03. Slammin’ – Spread
04. Flyer – Lord Netty f/K David
05. Intro – Lord Netty
06. Cardiac Arrest – DAM!
07. Get Off Into A Pocket – The Philosophy
08. Hi – Stak
09. Snatch That – Spread f/Shogun, ACE ONE, and Stak
10. 2Meegly/Outro (TDIA) – Stak
11. Necessary – The Philosophy f/Dee
12. Nononononon – Stak
13. El Presidente/Return of Insomniac Blend – Spread/DAM!
14. SunRa w/Guitar – Big Oil f/Ryan Shaeffer
15. Wright – Stak

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