Just Due Mixtape Vol 2 (MIXED by Spread)

Unless it’s a SP, MPC, MV, ASR, 808 or Lasonic, I really can’t stand my hip hop in a box. I really enjoy hip hop that covers many tempos and draws inspiration from every genre. With the 2nd installment of the Just Due Mixtape, I really dug into the archives to highlight the musicality of the hip hop made by our talented collective.

I’ve been rapping and enjoying hip hop since as long as I can remember, but I also had the blessing of growing up with some of the heaviest musicians on the planet. I’m a musician, first and foremost. I never shun hip hop that strays from the boom bap sound and goes into jazz, funk, rock and soul. I also believe in the solid foundation of hip hop, so I don’t condone experimental hip hop just for the sake of being experimental. Mediocre musicians make mediocre hip hop. I believe every sound should have a purpose. I wouldn’t dare try to play jazz trumpet without knowing Miles, just as I would frown upon a trumpeter playing hip hop with no knowledge of Melle Mel. A trained ear can hear the difference. If you fake it, you only fool yourself. I enjoy hip hop that is musical, but still keeps it real, such as Organized Noise, Outkast, JDilla, The Roots, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Quik and many more. At Just Due Records, we hope to carry on that tradition in our own way.

This mixtape was mixed on 2 turntables, a mixer and Serato. With the exception of a few spoken word bits and the Blazin’ In The City Dub Mix (exclusive to THIS mixtape only), it was just me blending my favorite uptempo songs, beats, guitar solos and interludes from the vast Just Due catalog. This mix delves into hip hop, funk, soul, acid rock, jazz, electro, deep house, bounce and the undefined from parts unknown. If you have a snobby music friend that claims that hip hop is not real music, this is the mix to play them so you can prove them wrong once and for all.

Please enjoy.


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