Devon “Dam Rite”  Ashley is an extremely talented drummer and producer.  His reputation as a session and live drummer carries weight around the world.  He is also a great composer of organic and electronic scores.  He recently completed work on all the production for Kate Lamont’s self titled album.

Devon currently resides in his hometown of Indianapolis aka Naptrapolis.  He grew up in Haughville from a very musical family.  His sisters are great singers, who perform with him in SoulLoveUniverse and various other projects Devon has his hand in.  He also plays  with his little brother Jay Jones.  Jay is a great keyboard player, writer, producer and R&B singer.  Devon is helping produce his new album that will be coming out in 2015, so we’ll definitely keep you all posted on those developments.

Devon is also like a big brother and mentor to me (Spread) and many other artists that came up in the artistic desert that is the city of Indianapolis.  It’s good to see the the music scene becoming more vibrant each and every year, but none of it could’ve happened without trailblazers like Dam Rite aka Devon Ashley.



2003 – OhioOver The Rhine Back Porch Records – drums

2003 – The PiecesThe PiecesBenchmark Records – drums

2003 – The Wait The PiecesBenchmark Records – drums

2003 – The Battle of Hater BayThe Pieces – writer, arranger, drums

2004 – The Boat With Two Anchors Sektion 31Oldecycle Records – drums

2004 – Fireworks and Karate Supplies Jennie Devoe – Rubin The Cat Records – drums

2006 – Delicious Berries Volume 1Vess Ruhtenberg Musical Family Tree Records – drums

2006 – Love Like A MuleStoll VaughanShadowdog Records – drums

2007 – Those Young LionsThose Young Lions Affirmation Records – drums

2007 – The Trumpet ChildOver The RhineGreat Speckled Dog – drums

2009 – VarshonsThe LemonheadsCooking Vinyl – drums

2009 – Little Death David England Aftershow Records – drums

2010 – BuzzardMargot & The Nuclear So and So’sMariel Recording Company – drums

2012 – Rot GutMargot & The Nuclear So and So’s Mariel Recording Company – drums

2012 – Locked Doors and Pretty FacesJoel HendersonTroublecure Records – drums

2013 – The Outcome of This/Blood on Your HandsCreepin Charley – drums

2013 – EP in a WeekendMeta MonkMusical Family Tree – drums

2013 – Gateway 4 JBrookinz – drums

2013 – Love’s a DogKim Taylor Don’t Darling Me Records – drums




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