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Right before I left the city of Nap (Indianapolis,IN for the uninitiated), I remember I kept hearing people say, “Yo, you gotta check out this MC, The Comdot. He’s lyrically on another level. You should peep him.”
Well, back then the scene wasn’t as cohesive, so you could very well go without seeing a lot of talented artists for years if you didn’t happen to run in the same circles, etc.
I remember I saw The Comdot get on the mic during, if I recall correctly, one of DJ MetroGnome‘s sets, either at an Old Soul event or my favorite night of the week for years, Take That! Tuesdays at Coaches Tavern. Either way, it was memorable because, after many of us MCs used to just abuse the mic at Front Page late Saturday nights, I hardly EVER saw MetroGnome let an MC get on the mic and spit a verse during one of his sets. I’m not sure if it was a freestyle or a written (which is how it always should be in my opinion), but all I know is homeboy killed it and had the whole crowd of party people listening and reacting to true lyricism. If you are from or live in the Nap, you know that is not an easy task. At that time, I was poised to move to The Bay Area, but I remember feeling good. Like everything is in good hands.
Since then, that has been the case. I see a lot of people representing and bringing that energy on a more regular basis. A lot of dope labels and blogs and weeklys and monthlys and venues and groups and individuals have really exploded onto the scene and every visit back to Nap makes me more and more proud. (Let’s leave out politics for now)
And now, one of the most talented cats, in my eyes, in the city is about to put out his debut album. I’ve heard a few tracks off of it and every track was a banger. The man knows how to craft a song. I recently caught up to The Comdot via the internet and asked him a few questions. Check it out:

What up?
It’s Spread.

I’m gonna go ahead and keep it simple.
Where are you from and what brought you to Naptown?

I’m from Charlotte N.C.
My moms having trouble brought me to Nap. Some things had popped off and she wouldn’t feel safe unless I was here to hold her down. So I came thru.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of doing hip hop in Indianapolis?
The advantage for ME at least is just being able to focus. Indy gives me a lot of creative energy. For me, it’s not as hectic as Charlotte is, it’s a little more laid back so that gives me an environment to focus on what I need to do and get it done. I stay in an open space when it comes to music, so that helps my creativity. I love this place.
Disadvantages of doing hiphop in Indy? There just isn’t enough major coverage. If this were LA or NY or ATL, half the artists in this city would be making money in the game. The talent is here, just not enough coverage.

Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?
Marvin Gaye
James Brown
Dr Dre
J Dilla I could keep going..
Tons of records and countless funk..

What’s the name of your new album, when does it drop and where will we be able to find it?
The Album (My first ever) will be called The Grey Maxell LP.
We’re right behind the 8 ball, eyeing a Late Oct release.
You’ll be able to purchase and download the digital version via my own website.

Are there any mainstream or underground acts that you are feeling these days? If so, name a few and tell us why.
Feeling Kendrick, Cole, Lacrae, Mali Music, Oddisse, Gibbs, Lupe..there’s some dope stuff floating around out there. They each ate doing what THEY want to do. Without following anyone. The didn’t come in trying to simply ride the wave of a trend…they simply dropped what they was on and shifted the climate of the game.
If you could play any music venue anywhere in the world, where would it be?
As far as venue?
The world?
Either The Garden or The Roman Coliseum or Somewhere in Africa..outside.

Favorite producer, past or present?
Favorite producer is Dilla with no question.
What do you want to accomplish with your music?
What I want to accomplish with music? I want to be responsible for the most incredible records the world will hear for the next 30-40 years.. Up until and after i’m gone.
Anything else you wanna let the people know?
I want to let the people know about this album and why they need to go get it.
Because this album is quality and it’s true. It’s title carries the weight of a culture that was once what the iPod and Android music players ate today. The tape. It was personal. It was a real relationship with the music. Ya tape HAD to be dope. No one wanted a mediocre tape. Who wants to fast forward half the songs on a tape you paid money for? So the music HAD to be good. There was a closer relationship with the music when it was on cassettes. Hopefully they can take the time and digest an entire album front to back, just like it would’ve been on a cassette.

word. appreciate your time.
And no doubt. Anytime

If you haven’t already seen it, peep the video for Aqua, from the upcoming release The Grey Maxell LP:

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