“CERTIFIED” is a project focused on collaborations. This includes beats, rhymes, scratches and even artwork. Recorded in two days by Eric Day @ Sleepwalk Recording and put together in just under 3 weeks, this album captures the Fun in hip hop. It was two beautiful days in Bloomington when we laid our vocals and got er done in the studio…then a few more to mix. Beat credits come from all over the world and the States. Poland, Korea, Oakland, Naptown and Btown are represented. Shouts out to Smaze, Luca, Joe Harvey, R Juna, D Wiz, Klinik and Philmatic for my production. Artwork by Big Oil aka Giacomo Del Rio and TJ Reynolds. Rhymes by Philmatic, Sonny Paradise, Pope Adrian Bless, Omega’s Legacy, Black Eddie, R Juna, and Bean Ichimaru. I wanna thank Aaron Mosley for dropping that HOT FIRE on the hooks and singing verse. Last but not least, I want to thank Big Oil, Dj Topspeed and Dj Spikes for the scratches (also Dj Spikes for recording scratches). This project was meant to celebrate the fun in making what we love. No pressure to produce, pressure to play. This does not mean it has strictly playful content. I just want to thank everyone for their support and constant encouragement. Definitely want to thank all those artists who helped this manifest.

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