Big Oil aka Storm One aka Fur Seal has been involved with music and record collecting from an early age.  Family and friends supplied his first LPs and turntable to begin listening, enjoying, and understanding music of all forms.  Discovering the art of hip hop would lead him to the love and understanding of turntablism, and eventually beatmaking.  With many influences and mentors; including Dj TopSpeed and the elusive Smaze One, he has spent many years honing and mastering his own recognizable style and sound.

Born and bred to be one of the illest producers on the planet, Big Oil has become that.  His versatile taste in music has allowed him to craft his style to many different forms of rhythm and syncopation.  He has produced several underground classics and continues to work even harder at his craft.  Big Oil aka Storm One was the premier beat maker in the group Tree City All Stars of Bloomington.  He produced every track on STAK’s first project Rich Mocha, Jet One’s first project, No Runs, No Drips, No Errors, and most of the tracks on Tree City’s only album.  He finished making all of the beats for Rich Mocha 2, and The MONSTARRRS, but is now branching out to include some R & B singers.  So be on the lookout for that Tree City Swing.  He is also responsible for the art you see in the slide show below. His talent as a graffiti artist is legendary, and he must be considered as one of Indiana’s premier artists.

 Big Oil is here!


2014 – Rich Mocha 2
2013 – Big Oil Is Here
2008 – The Shire
2005 – Rich Mocha

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