Codename:  A.C.E. O.N.E.
The Rap Monster, Dot 3, Ace Wonder, Naptown James Brown, 777 Soul Sonix Purifire, Super Nova Soul Brotha
Occupational Specialty
Emcee/Writer, Entertainer, Personality, Rap Monster
There’s been much controversial conversation about the energetic entertainer. It’s said that accounts of witnesses testimony of his performances have had to been false due to tales of near outer body experiences while spectating. What is known is that he is a highly skilled, merciless, maniacal, mind blowing, Hip Hop emcee born in the midwest capitol Indianapolis, Indiana.
Known to be aggressively intelligent, charismatically carefree, calculatingly rhythmical, and deadly lyrical. New intel suggests that plans are being made to expand, and reach into international territories.
Just Due Records, Strong Roots Records, Cut Camp, The Monstarrrs, The Proforms, wormusic, s.a.i.n.t. RECON, The Breakdown Kings, Dead Man’s Switch, Justice League, Mic Sol & A.C.E. O.N.E., Grumpy Old Men, Super Soul Sonix, The Dookie Bros. aka The Doo Doo Browns, and The Unngh Na Na Na’s.
Is a current & founding member of all the groups listed above…seriously. Is also known to be a freelance operative; combining his skills with many a strong ally.
Twitter: @ACE_ONE_
Facebook: ACE ONE (artist page)

Press   NUVO

Affiliations   Strong Roots Records       Cut Camp

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