Ace One …… Grinding Harder than Ever

Ace One has generated a lot of buzz lately.  The new year has brought him career propelling recognition.  Dj Premier, a respected pioneer of Hip Hop, recently included a song that the Indianapolis MC blessed on his Top 20 Hip Hop list of 2013.  This is a big deal!!  When NUVO asked ACE for an interview, he told them cover or nothing.  He got just that with this month’s release of the Naptown alternative news source.  I care not of these accolades.  Who is the Rap Monster?  What is he doing right now?  What is the next move?  Lets not assume that he is drunk, high, and being inconsiderate at dinner tables.  Instead, lets believe that he is an all around nice guy who would actually help your Granny get her groceries home. I can tell you from experience that he is one of the best people to get drunk with and get your groceries home.  I’m a certified asshole when I’m drunk and ACE has been there to encourage me and offer kindly more shots of Jameson.  I actually make it my goal to get him STAK-wasted every time he touches down in my town.  With that being said, the Rap Monster is Ace One.  Right now he is holding a fat joint filling out answers to questions Spread and I asked him for this interview.  His next move is a bar called the Atlas and then dinner where we will be drunk, high and inconsiderate.   Read the words of ACE himself………………..

Spread:  Who was your favorite rapper growing up?

Ace One:  Pre/Early teens: Rakim, Mid/Late teens: Ice Cube/Scarface

Spread:  How do you find the time to work with so many different artists?

Ace One:  I have a choice about who I work with, and what I work on, but there’s no choice in the matter of working with different people. It must be done to make this grow.

Spread:  What are your favorite types of beats to write to?

Ace One:  My favorite beats to write to are the beats that I really like.

Spread:  How do you feel about the Hip Hop scene in Naptown?

Ace One: I don’t want to say that it’s better, or worse than it’s ever been, but it is in both ways. What it definitely is thriving, striving, and hopefully arriving a lot sooner, than later.

Spread:  how do you write so well, being that you went to Arlington High School?

Ace One:  Well, alls I gots to say bout that is…STAR STUDENT, AGAIN!!!

Spread:  Any plans on touring the west coast?

Ace One:  I’m really trying to have right pieces in place & play to do something just like that, and hopefully more! I’d really like to hit up the West/Northwest! Me & mine will be rockin’ Munich, Germany in the new year, if I get my way!

Spread:  If any producer in the game (ever) gave you a beat, who would you want it to be?

Ace One:  I can only name that with 3. Big Krit, Statik Selektah, DJ Toomp


Stak:  What is your all time favorite cartoon?

Ace One:  I wanna say “Afro Samurai”, but I gotta go with “Samurai Champloo”! A) I dig samurai cartoons…obviously. B) It’s feudal Japan, samurai, ronin shit with a heavy and unapologetic Hip Hop influence!

Stak:  Any thoughts on R Kelly?

Ace One:  Please, excuse me for a minute…I gotta pee…

Stak:  Who is the finest female singer on tv right now?

Ace One:  I’d really like to say Rashida Jones, but she doesn’t sing to my knowledge. So, I’ll have to say…

Stak:  Talk about the DJ Premier shout out.

Ace One:  It was truly awesome! Of all things that I have done, and will do…having making a dope song with my guy Dawhud, and DJ Premier not just rockin’ on his show, but bringing it back, because he dug it, and decided it was good enough to make his Top 20 List of 2013 was mind blowing.

Stak:  How many times have you been arrested at playgrounds?

Ace One:  Well…there was the rumble with T-Birds back in the day at Riddell high, and then the Battle of The Greasers, when Pony Boy went down…GOOD TIMES!!!

Stak:  What recent and upcoming projects would you like to mention?

Ace One:  Rap Monster Remixed & Remastered 4/18, The Proforms Elroy Preston EP April 2014, Rap Monster The Redux “A Titan’s Revenge…RELEASE THE KRAKKEN!” May 2014 Strong Roots/Cut Camp project, The Doo Doo Browns aka The Dookie Bros. Fall 2014, Stakzilla & Acezuki are The Monstars release tba. Be on the look out for Cut Camp & Strong Roots releases!

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